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The beginning artwork for the proof for the screen print of techflex decals which they put in their product boxes.
SRI Motorsports orders screen printed decals. This is the artwork for the screen print. They ship them with the orders.
An example of the artwork for a race deck decal. 2 color sceen print. Race Deck puts decals in their product boxes.
NitroLink ordered their screen printed decals from RaceCals. They would be used to put on racecars. This is the artwork.
Drydene is a two color screen print. This is the artwork for that decal.

Including Promotional Decals, Contingency Stickers, Parts Labels, Product ID , and company decals.

Any size, any shape.  Quality screen printing assures your decals are the best you can get.  Brilliant UV cured inks are fuel and chemical resistant and will not fade.  Our standard material is white or clear 3.5 mil vinyl but we can use a variety of materials to meet your needs.  Choose from….Chrome or Gold polyester (mylar) smooth, brushed or holographic, permanent or removable adhesive, Static cling or light tack Ultra Cling.    Whatever your decal needs, chances are we can make it for you.

Including Racer Starting Kits, Late Model Kit Wraps, Spot Graphics and more.

We offer wrap kits for all types of race cars. Our specialty is custom work at decent prices. We will work with you to design the wrap / graphics that suits your style. We offer install and / or training so you can do it yourself. We only use the best materials with repositional adhesive and bubble free installation. We are always adding more templates to our database, so if we haven't printed your class yet, we will make yours the first!


Every racetrack needs a sticker!  Great low cost advertising for your track.

Also great for special events, promotions or as a fan appreciation giveaway. Quality screen printing assures your decals are the best you can get.  Brilliant UV cured inks will not fade and keep advertising for you for years.  Each one of these “mini billboards” will generate many thousands of impressions making them one of the most cost effective forms of advertising there is for your track.
Need a Feature Winner sticker?  They’re one of our specialties along with Dash winnerHeat winner and Inspection stickers


Outlaws are a travelling sprint car tour and they ordered their screen printed contingency decals from RaceCals.
Fastrak Racing Series is a traveling series that ordered their screen printed contingeny decals from RaceCals.
The Nascar Whelen Modified Tour is a traveling series. Nascar ordered their hauler decals (screen printed) from RaceCals.

Racing organizations large and small….we know what you need!

Our quality screen printed decals will get the job done for you at an affordable cost.  Heavy weight 3.5 mil vinyl with removable adhesive will stand up to the task yet can be removed and replaced with a fresh one easily.   Brilliant UV cured inks are fuel and chemical resistant, will not fade, and boldly stand out in photographs.


RaceCals parent company Screen Tek also creates screen printed and embossed signage for manufaturers.
RaceCals parent company Screen Tek also creates warning labels and decals for manufacturers.
RaceCals parent company Screen Tek also creates many machine labels and UL labels for the manufacturing industry.
RaceCals parent company Screen Tek also creates technical graphics for the medical industry.  Overlays, technical graphics.
RaceCals parent company Screen Tek also creates technical graphics and overlays for manufacturers.  Overlays and labels.

Safety, warning, UL, inspection, special permit decals or signs. Also company decals or product overlays.

We can do just about any type sticker (or sign) you may need. Choose from a wide range of materials….Chrome or Gold polyester.  Smooth, brushed or holographic finishes.  Permanent or removable adhesive.   Static cling or light tack Ultra Cling.  Even coated metals and a variety of plastics. 


3 Questions

A UV dryer for curing screen printed decals. After this they may be die cut.


Higher quantities typically mean lower unit cost.

Red UV cured ink for a sceen print process. Red is racing! We have many ink color options.


How many colors do you need? This will drive the print type.

A screen print in process. We see the screen and the ink being applied to the vinyl.




Contingency size? Helmet size?
Multiple sizes?

For quoting purposes, we can use a jpg or other common web file.   When it is time for production, we will need a vector file (.ai, eps, svg, and pdf), but we can also create one for you. For more info on vector graphics, we recommend this article:

Our Services
Our Services - Wraps
Our Services - Decals
Our Services - Industrial
About Us

About Us

We’ve been serving the motorsports industry with quality, screen printed stickers and wraps for over thirty years.

In additiion to decals, also offer a variety of services and products.

We have many stock shapes and sizes that you may choose from.  You can use any of our stock dies and avoid the cost of a custom die.


Need a big sticker for the side of a hauler?  Large photographs or murals?  How about a sheet of mini stickers for product ID.  Digital printing is best for short runs with multi colors.


Need one or two banners for a special event or show?  How about an A-frame or dimensional letter sign? We produce many types of signage at our sister company IBC Signs.


We’ve been doing it for years!  We know racing and we know “the look”.  Send us your ideas and we’ll work up a few concepts for you.  It’s affordable too as many simple designs can be done in just a few hours time at our reasonable rates.

Screen Print Vs. Digital

There are some big differences between screen printed and digital decal. We wrote a guide to help explain them.  See the full guide here.

While we have been producing screen printed decals for over 30 years, we also offer digital printing in order to satisfy all of our customers.



  • Heavy Ink Deposit

  • Premium Ink Quality

  • Premium Quality Vinyl

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Fast Turnaround


  • Shorter Runs

  • Quality Materials

  • Prototyping

Main Screen Print Vs. Digital Page


Durability                      ->

Graphics                       ->

Cost Effectiveness        ->

Turnaround                    ->


- Most durable

- Bright color matching

- Cost effective for medium to large runs (1000 – 20,000)

- Quick turnaround


- Durable

- Complex images

- Cost effective for smaller
runs (150 – 1000)

- Quick turnaround

Screen Print Vs Digital



Whether you are a business in need of product, sponsor, or contingency decals, a club or racing organization in need of series or event stickers or a Race Track or Race Team in need of great looking promotional decals…You’ve Come To The Right Place!

We've been serving the racing industry with quality, screen printed stickers for the past 30 years. We also provide businesses with "company decals". We'd love the opportunity to quote your next sticker order.




DIRTvision bought their screen printed contingency decals from RaceCals.
World of Outlaws ordered their screen printed contingency stickers from RaceCals.
JOES Racing Products buys screen printed decals from RaceCals that they use to put in their product boxes.

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