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Race Results - RaceCals Pro Late Models - June 8th

Updated: Jun 11

We are proud of our class. Thank you racers for putting on an excellent show. We look forward to seeing you all at the next one. Until then, here are the race results for last Saturday's RaceCals Pro Late Models.


Check out the following link for more information on the Thank You For Supporting Racing campaign. Our goal is to help racing grow by bringing fans and the companies that support racing together.


Stateline Speedway showcases the late models with two 50 lap races. This way the fans that have to leave early can still see a feature race. We had a bit of a drop off in car count from the first weekend. Besides the fact that there were two other late model races that day, there are others schedule next weekend.


It was a hot day and the track was slick. Haeden Plybon took the pole with a 13.909.

Our Lineup in Pictures

Main 1

After the invert, Nicole Behar started on the pole. For five laps it was Behar, Goetz, Plybon, Andrew Riehl, and Dart. By then Nicole had gained about six car lengths on the group. At about the 6th lap, Plybon was working on the outside of Goetz, and Zach Riehl and O'Neil began to close on Dart. Plybon and Goetz battled it out for 2nd for about three laps. With 16 down, Mandere spun and we went to yellow.

On the restart, Goetz and Behar fought for the lead with Goetz gaining the upper hand. Andrew Riehl took 4th, and then we had three wide coming into turn two between O'Neil, Riehl, and Dart. Coming out of two, Zach turned into O'Neil and cut his front right in the process. So we went to yellow again with 31 to go and your top five being Goetz, Behar, Plybon, A. Riehl and then Dart. O'Niel went to the pits and Z. Riehl was towed off the track. Neither would make it back out.

We went green again and Behar put some pressure on Goetz, while Cristiani closed on Dart. At 28 it was Goetz, Behar, Plybon, A. Riehl, and Cristiani. With 23 to go, Plybon began pressuring Behar. Goetz had about a car length at that time. At lap 21 Plybon made the move for 2nd on the inside of Behar. They went side by side through lap 20, with Plybon eventually winning the spot and A. Riehl sneaking in behind. Then it was Goetz, Plybon, A. Riehl, Behar, Cristiani.

Goetz had a solid five car lengths on the rest with 15 to go. Cristiani began presurring Behar and the two battled for position for five laps! At 10 to go, Plybon was gaining on Goetz and Behar and Cristiani were still nose and nose, although Cristiani backed off heading into lap 42.

At five to go, Goetz and Plybon came up to lap traffic, with Plybon taking advantage going into the back stretch. They bumped a few times and eventually Plybon took the lead with four to go. Cristiani took the inside and passed Behar with three to go, leaving it Plybon, Goetz, A. Riehl, Cristiani, Behar at the finish.

Main 2 - Full Results

Unfortunately Z. Riehl did not enter the 2nd Main. Our lineup was: Zamora, Behar, Cristiani, Goetz, Plybon, Dart, Mandere, O'Niel, A. Riehl, and Schovaers.

At the start, Behar took the lead and Goetz snuck past Zamora and Cristiani for 2nd. There was some jostling for a few laps, with Dart and Cristiani going side by side as one of the highlights. With 10 down, Cristiani gained on Dart and Plybon was close behind. Behar, Goetz, Zamora, O'Neil, Cristiani were then our top 5.

Behar took a commanding lead, with Goetz tracking a few car lengths behind. Zamora, A.Riehl, Plybon and Cristiani remained fairly tight but more than a 1/3 lap behind. With 16 laps down, it was Behar, Goetz, Zamora, O'Neil, Plybon and Cristiani. But soon after Cristiani was regaining her spot. O'Neil began putting pressure on Zomora for the third position. The two would bump it out entering the back stretch with O'Neil eventually taking the spot. With 25 to go, it was Behar, Goetz, O'Neil, Zamora, and Cristiani for your top five.

Then A. Riehl gained on Plybon and with 15 to go it was Behar, Goetz, O'Neil, Cristiani, and A. Riehl. O'Neil closed in on Goetz and begain pressuing for second with around 10 to go. The two battled for a few laps with O'Neil taking the lead and Cristiani not far behind. With the white flag waving, O'Niel started to close the gap on Behar, and Cristiani was close to making the pass on Goetz. The checkered flew with Behar winning her first race in six years, O'Neil in second, and Goetz barely fending off Cristiani for third.

Thanks to everyone who came out and rooted for our racers. The folks at Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway do an excellent job, and you can really feel the excitement in the stands. This is now our fourth year as the title sponsor of the late models and we are proud to be involved with this great group of people.

Next Up - RaceCals Pro Late Models

The next race is June 29th which is "Great Resort Vacation Giveaway!" Presented by RaceCals. That's right - it's our own special night. We are currently preparing some pretty cool giveaways and we'll have more to announce later.

View the full late model schedule here:

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