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Race Results - RaceCals Pro Late Models - May 17th

Updated: May 19

Before we begin the race review, we want call attention to a campaign we are developing in conjunction with Stateline Speedway. Check out the following page for more information. Our goal is to help racing grow by bringing fans and the companies that support racing together.

If there was any concern about the weather, the fans and racers didn't show it. Attendance was great for this first RaceCals night of the year. And we had 19 late models to start! By the way, we want to give a shout out to the following drivers who joined us in a late model for their first time. Andrew Riehl & Alex Mandere, welcome!

As is customary since last year, Stateline Speedway starts off the mains with the first 50 lap late model race. The two split late model events make for a great experience for the crowd, some of which may not be able to stay all night.

Haeden Plybon qualified first with a 13.851, followed by Nicole Behar (13.919) and Nick Gibson (13.957). Although we are familiar with seeing Haeden and Nick at the top, it has been 7 years since Nicole was behind the wheel of a late model.

Our Lineup in Pictures

We can start describing the first 50 lap race by relating a comment we heard. "Instead of the RaceCals 50 lap A Main, we should call this the RaceCals Caution 200." And unfortunately, it was like that. However there are multiple things to consider. There's first race jitters, new cars, and new drivers. Plus, everyone's excited to be back on the track! And we can't blame them.

Anyways, during all the mayhem, about 6 cars dropped out. The most unfortunate being Keen Meeks who went into the wall and ended up having a fire. He hopped out real quick. Unfortunately that car is totaled. We feel for the Meeks family since they just bought it and are an awesome family. They'll probably just go boating now.

There were a couple racing incidents that took out Aubree Cristiani and Haeden Plybon. Haeden had been leading since lap 6. Nicole Behar had been gaining ground until she got into Danica Dart and was then sent to the back. She still managed to get up to 6th by the end. Terry Auckerman was experiencing a few gremlins and he decided to pull off rather than suffer any serious trouble. Edit: After this article was written we talked to Nicole Behar and learned that her power steering had gone out during the race.

But this is only the first race of the night. Things did get better. Nick Gibson took first place (Good work Nick!), Jason O'Neal got second and Evan Goetz third.

Full A Main Results

Zach Riehl got a respectable fourth and Jess Havens was 5th to round out the top five.

B Main - 2nd 50 Lapper

Suffice it to say the B main had fewer cars, but certainly not less action. It was an excellent race and made up for the first. We got to see some familiar side by side racing between Haeden Plybon and Nick Gibson. Those guys can really put on a show. Unfortunately directly after that, Nick was spun by Zach Riehl. It did not appear to be intentional, but Nick was clearly frustrated and spun Zach during the caution. He was Black flagged and removed from the race. You can see that on Shari Garber's live stream (Around min 33) here:

Through all of that, Jason O'Neal persevered to take third place. Congrats Jason on two podiums in one night. We've come to expect nothing less from you, sir.

Before both mains, we had the opportunity to speak with this year's Northwest KDDP finalist, Evan Goetz. Congrats on reaching the final 7 Evan! Although WE know he is a great driver, this year has been frustrating for him so far. That team works very hard. So we knew things would change soon. Well that looks to be happening now since Evan took second in the B Main. Also two podiums for this young driver. Congrats Evan.

Finally, Haeden Plybon showed what he can do even with a tore up race car. Due to the damage from the first main, the team had performed an excellent duct tape repair. And it held...

...for maybe five laps until something tore it off. We think it was a small race incident. Congratulations Haeden on giving it your all and taking first place.

Full B Main Results

We also want to call out that Andrew Riehl took 4th place! That's awesome for the rookie. Good work Andrew.

Also Jess Havens finished 5th (again!) which has got to be somewhat of a bright side considering they have had a string of bad luck this year. We hope they continue to pull through since Jess is a great driver and good all around guy.

Thanks for everyone who came out and rooted for our racers. The folks at Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway do an excellent job and we are happy to be involved. This is now our third year as the title sponsor of the late models.

RaceCals Pro Late Models Schedule

The next race is June 8th which is Scout Night presented by The Man Shop.

View the full late model schedule here:

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