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Race Results - RaceCals Pro Late Models - June 29th

Here are the race results for the June 29th RaceCals Pro Late Models at Stateline Speedway.


Check out the following link for more information on the Thank You For Supporting Racing campaign. Our goal is to help racing grow by bringing fans and the companies that support racing together.


RaceCals Night at the Races

It was our special night at the races and boy was it a blast! Besides being able to hand out coloring books to the kiddos, we had our own VIP booth with catered food! It was really awesome. We highly recommend these booths for anybody wanting to put on a special event.

Stateline Speedway showcases the late models with two 50 lap races. This way the fans that have to leave early can still see a feature race.


Jason O'Neil took the pole with a 13.982.

Main 1

CONGRATS EVAN!! Our winners for the first main was Evan Goetz, Corey Allard, and Vito Cancilla. Evan was finally able to get one at Stateline Speedway. Although he's won the biggest races in the NW, Stateline has eluded him. Corey is always a contender so not much surpise there. This was Vito's first race at Stateline, and at 12 years old, it was cool to see this young driver on the podium.

Rounding out the top five were Kaiden Anderson and Gabe Sessler. It was good to see Kaiden back after taking last year off. For Gabe this was his first visit to Stateline as a driver and he put up a solid effort.

Finally O'Neil had an engine failure which took him out early. Which was unfortunate for him because they had that car dialed in.

Main 2

CONGRATS NICOLE!!! We are starting to become familiar with seeing the #33 car in 1st place this year. Good work Nicole. It is great seeing you back on the track and obviously the fans love it too. There was quite a lot of cheering as she hopped out of the car. The most exciting part of the race was the multi lap battle between her and Kaiden as he fought for the lead.

Second place was Evan Goetz. And for once, he wasn't too upset by that. For one thing, both his and Nicole's cars were set up with help by Trayten Tarr. Seems like they got a good thing going on.

Third was Kaiden Anderson. It was also good to see him up there, but he wasn't as happy. Obviously he wanted more. However he put up a heck of a fight for the lead lap and lap and just couldn't clinch it. We're sure to see him back at the 200.

Thanks to everyone who came out and rooted for our racers. The folks at Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway do an excellent job, and you can really feel the excitement in the stands. This is now our fourth year as the title sponsor of the late models and we are proud to be involved with this great group of people.

Next Up - RaceCals Pro Late Models

The next race is June 29th which is "Great Resort Vacation Giveaway!" Presented by RaceCals. That's right - it's our own special night. We are currently preparing some pretty cool giveaways and we'll have more to announce later.

View the full late model schedule here:

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