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Race Results - RaceCals Pro Late Models - June 10th

June 10th, Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway

For the second time this year the RaceCals Pro Late Models ran two 50 lap races instead of one 75 lap race. One of the 50s ran as the first feature and the second one as the last feature. At this point it is safe to say that the 50 lappers are here to stay.

We had another solid car count with 15 cars.

  1. Corey Allard 23

  2. Terry Auckerman 22

  3. Riley Ayala 41

  4. Danica Dart 11

  5. Justin Dunagan 71

  6. Dave Garber 93

  7. Nick Gibson 11

  8. Jess Havens 5

  9. Casey Jeske 8

  10. Mitch Kleyn 1

  11. Keen Meeks 51

  12. Scott Murphy 77

  13. Garret Sawyer 22S

  14. Mathew Schoen 28

  15. Aleena Schovaers 45


Nick Gibson nabbed the pole followed by Corey Allard and Jess havens. Dave Garber was close behind and then Danica Dart would start 5th.

Saturday was a Stateline Speedster day so as usual the track had an epic experience for kids. Right before the main events was Fan Fest. Fans got to meet the racers out on the track and collect autographs, hero cards, and memories. There was also an arcade trailer!

Dice Roll

Towards the end of Fan Fest it was time to decide the invert. Therefore Nick rolled the dice...

...and rolled a 10!

B Main

With that our lineup was set. There was some jostling early on but pretty quickly a few battles emerged. Jeske got an early jump and then Garber took the lead for quite a few laps before Gibson pulled ahead. Allard took 2nd with Jess Havens at 3rd. Garber finished 4th and Danica Dart was 5th.

It was incredible watching Nick come up from mid pack. Corey kept it clean and fast. Congrats Jess on a podium finish and especially this being your first race of the season after the injury!

(Thank you Dishaw Photography for the winner photos!)

A Main

Dave Garber was on the pole and had no trouble taking the lead. Soon after it was Corey Allard and Garber in 1st and 2nd respectively for many laps. Around lap 30 there was a caution due to Jess Havens right rear going flat. Which was unfortunate for him since he was holding ground fairly well in the top five. That put Gibson at 3rd at the restart with Sawyer in 4th and Dart in 5th.

Choose Arrow Chooses for You

And then came the choose arrow mishap. Gibson was sent to the back due to driving over it. We can only imagine what was said in that moment. So instead Dart took the inside on the restart and Sawyer took the outside.

Allard jumped out in front of Garber and within a lap or two had plenty of space. Both of those guys were fast all day. Then it was between Dart and Sawyer for third. Sawyer kept right along on the outside until Danica Dart found a little bit more speed and pulled ahead.

Congratulations Winners!

(Thank you Dishaw Photography for the photos!)

Danica Dart - Feel Good Story

Danica Dart had the best day of her pro late career at Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway. She was already happy about qualifying 5th to start the day. Then she had a solid running in the first 50 lap race and held tight for 5th. But that performance in the second 50 lapper will not be forgotten and racers and fans alike will be keeping a closer eye on her.

"It felt good to have some success after all of the effort me and my team have been putting into it", says Dart. "I wouldn’t be able to do this without my amazing family and support system. Huge thank you to Bj Tidrick."

(Thank you Erik Smith Photography for those awesome night shots from turn 3!)

Congratulations Danica Dart Motorsports!

That is it for today's report. We look forward to seeing everybody at the next RaceCals Pro Late Model evet on June 24th.

Visit for all Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway ticketing and event information. Make sure to support your local race track. Buy a burger and a beverage.

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