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Race Results - RaceCals Pro Late Models - June 24th

June 24th, Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway

Talk about ominous clouds! We made it through without any rain issues and the clouds made for some cool photos.


There was a lot of racing this weekend and also plenty of races coming up soon. So we were glad to have a decent car count of 11 cars.

  1. Nick Gibson 11 - 14.006

  2. Dave Garber 83 - 14.148

  3. Ryan Wells 23 - 14.153

  4. Levie Jones 92 - 14.160

  5. Jess Havens 5 - 14.161

  6. Scott Murphy 77 - 14.324

  7. Kaidyn Moran 5 - 14.366

  8. Mathew Schoen 28 - 14.751

  9. Aleena Schovaers 45 - 14.838

  10. Riley Ayala 41 - 15.012

  11. Rowdy Rupinkski 63 - 15.225

Nick Gibson took the pole once again and so once again he rolled the die.

Dice Roll

AND ONCE AGAIN HE ROLLED A 10! We suggested that the die should be inspected but that was ignored. Of course we were joking but dang - hope your luck improves on the dice roll Nick!

B Main

Before we talk about the results of the first 50 lapper, we should mention that we had a couple racers return to Stateline for the first time this year. Kaidyn Moran made most of the races last year but she has been preparing for college in 2023. She'll be leaving for Kansas in August. Congratulations on going to college! Good work Kaidyn!

Secondly we had a west side racer come over and boy did he make an impact. Levie Jones has raced a couple times at Stateline Speedway but for the most part is found at South Sound Speedway.

With the die roll it meant basically a full invert. After some early jostling a clear battle emerged between Jess Havens, Levie Jones and Nick Gibson. It was close for more than half the race but eventually Levie pulled away and took home the trophy. Nick was second and Jess was third.

(Thank you Dishaw Photography for the winner photos!)

Congratulations Levie!

With that it was Levie's turn to roll the die and at least he didn't roll a ten!

He did roll an 8 though...

A Main

With another high die roll we were set up for round two of the full invert. Unfortunately we had lost Riley Ayala and Mathew Schoen to mechanical issues in the first 50 so the field was set with nine cars.

Aleena Schovaers and Kaidyn Moran started up front. It was good to capture some moments of them side by side. We did have a few sprinkles come out and a caution was called after a few cars went drifting around the corners. Eventually we were back to a similar battle between Jess havens, Levie Jones, and Ryan Wells.

Nick Gibson quickly established a few car lengths of separation. When we asked him what changes he made between the first race and the second, he said, "A whole bunch of $h!t". Jess and Levie went side by side for half a dozen laps while Wells seemed to wait. Finally they both got a little loose and Scott Murphy was able to take advantage in order to finish in the third spot. Nick Gibson took first followed by Ryan Wells. Levie Jones was fourth and Jess Havens was fifth.

Congratulations Winners!

(Thank you Dishaw Photography for the winner photos!)

That is it for today's report. Up next is the Idaho 200. Get your tickets now.

Idaho 200 Day 1

Idaho 200 Day 2

Visit for all Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway ticketing and event information. Make sure to support your local race track. Buy a burger and a beverage.

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